Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday Promotion

Like every year before Christmas, we are discounting our Premium subscription plans - this time as much as up to 30%. The promotion ends on December, 31.

You can find the available features comparison on our pricing page.

Subscription planPriceSavings
PREMIUM subscription 30 days 
Holiday Promotion
29 PLN

  23 PLN

PREMIUM subscription 90 days 
Holiday Promotion
78 PLN

  59 PLN

19 PLN
PREMIUM subscription 180 days 
Holiday Promotion
138 PLN

  97 PLN

41 PLN
All prices are given in Polish zlotys (1 PLN = 0.2572 USD*).

When the promotion ends, the prices will be reverted back to their defaults.

The detailed description of our application can be found on the Help page. Let us remind you that registering a new account doesn't require a credit card, and we give you 15 days of full access entirely for free.

We wish you all the best in the coming year 2019. Merry Christmas!

*) PayPal exchange rate as of 2018-12-07. Please note the price in your local currency may differ, the exchange rates change every day, and the final settled amount may depend on the payment method.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

WSE indices technical overview - 9/28/2018.

Welcome to our periodic technical overview of the main Warsaw Stock Exchange indices.


After breaking upwards out of the head and shoulders bottom pattern about a month ago, bulls unfortunately didn't ride the wave as we observed a decline to the level of the right shoulder of that pattern (about 2200 points).

In the previous technical overview I wrote:

If the index losses the 2200 points level, the optimistic scenario [following the H&S pattern upward breakout] would be denied. 

Luckily, the decline didn't intensify and the support at the level of 2200 points held out. We could expect this decline to occur - in the previous article, I mentioned the possibility of a throwback after the H&S upward breakout. I also showed the rising wedge pattern on the FW20 futures chart, which could result in a downward breakout - and it actually happened.

Because the optimistic scenario, according to what is written above, is still in the game in spite of all, I'm still expecting bulls to manage to push the index up in the near future. Still, they have to overcome the local top set up after breaking out of the H&S, located just below 2400 points. 

On the way up, we also have a potential resistance in the range of 2320 - 2340 points. This area was tested several times (in August and September, and earlier in April and May this year), and the breakout above that level looks like a one-shot for the time being. Sounds familiar? Yes, it means that a potential head and shoulders top pattern could emerge soon. Looks like a warning - we should also consider this possibility.

Finally, there is the uptrend line shown below that ATmatix detected in mid-September and it seems to be valid as for now. In my opinion, until this line holds out, we can still bet on the optimistic scenario regarding the blue-chips market. But if the H&S top pattern really emerged and was confirmed with a downward breakout, or the uptrend line was pierced, it would certainly be a serious bearish signal and we would expect the index to go back to the minimum established in June.


In our last technical overview I expressed my expectations for the mid-cap index to finally rebound and push through its resistance level. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the consolidation we've been observing from June to the end of August, turned out to be the prelude to a further discount. The support level resulting from the double bottom and the ascending broadening triangle pattern was pierced and the index  dynamically retracted almost 300 points lower. Fortunately, declines were stopped and we've been observing a solid rebound recently. As for now, it's only a pullback move towards the pierced level of 4200 points.

As you can see in the charts below, ATmatix calculated the downward breakout target relatively right thanks to its statistical model.

This level is not accidental for yet another reason - you could draw the support line, resulting from the minimum set by the index in November 2016, on a weekly chart. Also, it's not hard to notice the downtrend line still holds and perhaps we should expect some profit realizations soon.


Small caps also suffered a solid decline. Sadly, in this case there were no signs of rebound (yet).

In the weekly chart you can see that the index is close to its long-term level of potential support. It can be the reason for some relief - on the other hand though, there is still some space to the level of the valley established in year 2014.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Privacy settings - important changes

About a month ago we announced updates to our Privacy Policy. Today, we futher improve our service by letting our Users manage their privacy settings.

Personalized ads

No one likes advertisements - however, for many web sites they often are important source of additional income. We display ads only to anonymous visitors (users that are not logged in) and to users without an active PREMIUM subscription.

From May 25, 2018, all ads we display on our website are non-personalized by default. What does it mean?

Ads personalization is based on user's interests and visited pages. Our third party partners (like Google AdSense) may use technologies such as cookies or similar means to gather information about your activities in our web site in order to identify you and provide you personalized ads. From now on, such behavior in our Service is disabled by default, and you can opt-in for personalized advertising if you wish to do so.

If you are visiting our pages anonymously (without logging in), we will display the appropriate popup message:

If you own an ATmatix account, you can update your privacy options in the Consents tab on your Account settings page:

Informational and promotional e-mails

There is more. If you register an account, we can send you e-mail messages regarding our application's new features, promotions or your individual subscription discount offers. From May 25, we won't send this kind of messages by default any more.  If you wish to receive such e-mails, enable the appropriate option in your Account settings.

Such consent can be revoked at any time, furthermore every e-mail message contains an unsubscribe link you can click to opt-out immediately.

We can still however, according to our Terms of Service, send you messages related to your Account, orders or payments processing (such as reset password, payment confirmations or your PREMIUM account expiration reminders) and other important information on our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy updates.

Notifications about events and patterns detected by our algorithms remain enabled by default - this is our service feature that is available to PREMIUM users only (or to users that utilize our Trial Period) and can be enabled or disabled at any time on the Account settings page (or disabled with an unsubscribe link included in every message).

Please remember that registering an account is entirely voluntary and free of charge, and you can request the removal of your account (in case you withdraw your consent for personal data processing) at any time - please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

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