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Payments and promotions

Registering new ATmatix account gives you 15 days of trial PREMIUM access without any fees. We don’t need any personal or credit card data except of your email and password.

After this period (15 days from the registration date) the validity of your PREMIUM account finishes and it becomes a regular account. It differs us from a popular “pay and test, then you may cancel within x days” model. Our approach is different, more beneficial for you. During those 15 days you can try and test all the features of our application normally accessible in a full version. If you are interested in maintaining the access to features such as: price pattern data for all WSE-listed stocks and indices, breakout, efficiency, throwback/pullback statistics for all price patterns and email notifications about the most important events, you can extend the validity period of your PREMIUM account. If not, then it automatically becomes a regular account, without the features mentioned above.

Additionally, if after subscription fee was already paid, you’re not interested in further access to those extra features any more, you can resign any time during the subscription period and you will get the refund of the unused part of that period.

To sum up, you get 15 days PREMIUM access for free, and within or after this trial period you can make a subscription payment to maintain the full access.

Feature comparison of regular and PREMIUM account may be found below:
Public (anonymous) access Registered users (account required) PREMIUM users (account and subscription required)
Chart pattern data for WIG20 stocks and selected WSE WIG indices
Favorite stocks list (Watch List)
Pattern data for the rest of the main market stocks, all WIG indices (including sector indices) and FW20 futures
Breakout, efficiency, pullbacks/throwbacks and break even failures statistics for price chart patterns
Email notifications
Volume analysis
Liquidity analysis
No ads

If the user wants to continue the PREMIUM access, he/she have to make subscription payment according to the pricelist given below.

What are the advantages of using the PREMIUM account? In short, we:
  • Detect the most known and popular price chart patterns (a lot from the list of technical analysis specialist Thomas Bulkowski; our list is not final and will be further developed),
  • Warn you if the price is close to the breakout (both upward and downward), which allows you to place a buy or sell order in advance  – you are given statistical chances of breakout in a specific direction (based on historical data),
  • Detect upward/downward breakouts, automatically setting the target price with the probability based on statistics of past pattern performance during the last few years for WSE (updated periodically). We compute not only the theoretical target levels, according to the technical analysis methodology, but also levels based on our own method of calculating targets of post-breakout price movement with their estimated probability – of course this is backed up with the statistics from the past data.
    If you think it’s not enough – our methodology allows us to estimate the price target after a downward breakout even for bottom patterns – this is our unique feature that you probably won’t  find anywhere else. It helps us to foresee (with some probability) how far the price is going to decline, when the new double bottom has emerged and then denied by a downward breakout, 
  • Alert you when the price target was met,
  • Compare a breakout volume in relation to the average pre-breakout volume, which strenghten (or weaken) the significance of such signal (very often – but not always –  the high relative volume indicate the possibility of a higher price movement),
  • Automatically notify you about those events via email (daily or weekly, as you wish).

In this way, you may reject or accept certain scenarios resulting from specific setups and evaluate if it is going to be profitable or too risky.

This allows you to plan your activities in advance. I personally often place buy stop orders, slightly above the breakout level, even before the actual upward breakout takes place. Many of my sell-limit orders, placed in advance with activation price set just below the target price, were also closed when a post-breakout target (predicted by ATmatix) was actually reached – thanks to our application and its probability estimation. From time to time, I’m going to post some examples of such setups in this blog. I encourage you to test the application, as it is free of charge for the trial period, and hopefully it will become your another useful investment tool.

Let’s take a look at the pricelist:
Subscription plans (for different validity periods) Price Additional bonuses
PREMIUM subscription 30 days

29 PLN

PREMIUM subscription 90 days

78 PLN

Money saving
PREMIUM subscription 180 days

138 PLN

Money saving
36 PLN
All fees are given in PLN (polish zloty). Please note that the amount paid in your local currency can be different due to varying exchange rates.

As you can see, depending on the number of days of the subscription plan, the average cost declines for long-term subscriptions. For the 180 days subscription you gain up to 20% discount (compared to renewals after each 30 days).
From time to time, we can also introduce some additional promotions and temporary discounts – in order not to miss them, just follow our blog and application pages.

Renewing of the PREMIUM subscription is as follows:

  • Choose your subscription plan from the pricelist – it’s available in the Payments tab of the account settings page. Mark the acceptance of the Terms of Service and immediate service execution. It means that you lose the ability to withdraw from the agreement within a statutory period (remember we gave you 15 days completely for free in the beginning). Later, you may cancel the agreement according to what is written above and to our Terms of Service.
    Then, click "go to the order details".
Subscription plan selection

Order details

  • If all the data in the order summary are correct, click “Go to the Payment form” and you will be redirected to the Payment Operator page. The Payment Operator is – the payment form is visible in the screenshot below.
TPay order form

  • Choose your bank or payment method. Currently, non-Polish users can make payments using PayPal (which also has an option to pay with a credit card) or issue a SEPA bank transfer.
  • Next, fill-in the required form fields. Please, provide a working email address (it should be pre-filled with your ATmatix username), as it will simplify the payment status tracking –  the Payment Operator sends you status updates on the payment process. Should you have any problems, you can check your payment status using the payment ID provided by TPAY.
  • Click “Next” and you will be redirected to your chosen bank website or payment method, where you can confirm it. Please follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the payment.
    Note: in case of a SEPA bank transfer, you will have to make a transfer by yourself using the beneficiary account number and transaction identifier provided by TPAY on the screen.
  • After a successful payment, you will be redirected back to our web page.
  • ATmatix will automatically extend the validity period of your PREMIUM account, as soon as we get the payment confirmation from TPAY. You will be informed about it via email. 

In most cases, the online payments will be confirmed within few minutes. In case of other payment methods (for instance, a regular bank transfer) it may take longer, up to a couple of days.

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